TSA Gate
TSA Gate

The Orlando International Airport is quite busy.  Annually over 35,000,000 passengers arrive and depart.  All of those departures have to go through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening.   Plan enough time to get to through TSA and to your gate before your flight boards because the lines can be considerably long during peak times.  The wait can be up to 45 minutes in peak travel time.  Use these tips to assist you in getting through TSA:

1.  Realize there are two lines.  I fly Delta a lot, so when you check your bags people often see the first set of TSA lines, but they don't realize that if they walk around the elevators there is another set of TSA lines.  That set is almost always shorter.  There are two sets of lines on both the A and B Terminals.

2.  Get ClearMe Access.  I love ClearMe.  It gives you concierge service through TSA.  It even works with TSA Precheck.  Subscribe to our newsletter and get a our free 40 Ways to See, Shop and Save in Orlando.  The download gives you information about the value of ClearMe and TSA Precheck.

3.  Sign up for TSA Precheck.  TSA Precheck allows you to go through TSA without taking off your shoes, removing your laptop bag or going through the full body scanner.  It is wonderful.

By using ClearMe and TSA Precheck I am always through the TSA screening in 10 minutes or less.  Try it.  You will love it!