Bill and Maunda Land moved to Orlando in 2011 after several years of visiting their beloved city.  The Lands quickly immersed themselves into the Orlando community and would often recommend dining locations, events and attractions to locals, friends and out of town guests.

Bill is an Urban Planner specializing in Transportation and Maunda works for a global association and is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and a Certified Association Executive (CAE). Bill has worked on major transportation projects such as the SunRail commuter rail project here in Orlando. Maunda has planned meetings all over the world as a CMP and has vast experience negotiating and booking with hotels. They use their backgrounds and experience to provide useful information in their travel guides such as great ways to get around Orlando and avoid congestion or tips on getting upgrades and discounts at hotels.

Once you get to know them by following them on their blog or social media sites you will truly understand that they love Orlando and enjoy sharing its wonders and beauty with others.