Orlando is a great destination for great dining. Finding great places that serve Chicken and Waffles is easy to do. Here is our list of the top 5 places:

5.  Brickhouse- The Brickhouse is a great destination to get great tasting chicken and waffles.


4. Nona Blue- Wonderful place to get a nice traditional brunch. The Chicken and waffles are pretty traditional but, very flavorful. Chicken and waffles is offered as part of their Sunday brunch menu.


3. Mellissa's Chicken and Waffles- You have to follow on Facebook and Twitter to find out where this food truck will be serving but, the chicken and waffles is worth it. The waffle is of high quality and the chicken is quite delicious. They offer great combinations such as the Buffalo Chicken Waffle, the OG (A waffle with country gravy, syrup and butter) or the Ultimate Combo (Chicken, a fried egg, bacon, gravy and syrup on a waffle).


2.Hash House a Go-Go- The chicken and waffles at Hash House is pretty unique because the waffle has bacon baked into it. The chicken is unique because they serve a full on Chicken breast with delicious and savory sage seasoning.


1.  Chef Eddies- The most celebrated chicken and waffles in Orlando and the reputation is deserved. Chef Eddies offers more options than any other restaurant (10 different waffles) for chicken and waffles. Their waffles are quite flavorful and the chicken is excellent!


Let us know what you think! We are always willing to try somewhere new!