The credit card companies have known for a long time that people spend more when they do not have to use cash.  It’s all about convenience.  Disney wants to make your vacation experience care free.  Now vacationers who book at Disney resorts won’t have to take out their credit card after their initial check in. Introducing the MagicBand, Disney’s waterproof wrist bands that link to your credit card (if you desire) to make your Disney experience even more magical.  If you are staying at a Disney resort, the MagicBand replaces your traditional key or key card.  All you do is waive your band over the key pad and wait for the green light (Disney uses the universal colors of green for go and red for stop with the MagicBand system.).

Using the MagicBand is simple.  When you schedule your Disney vacation you will be able to link your reservation to your My Disney Experience Account (  Customize your MagicBand in the colors of Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange or Gray.  If you are like me and you did not go online prior to arriving at your hotel then you will receive the default color of gray.  It’s okay.  It’s still pretty cool because it has your name engraved on the inside.  If it really bothers you to have a gray band, you can go to the gift shop and purchase a different color, but it will not have your name on it.

When you check in to your hotel you will show you photo ID and credit card, which is customary.  You can link your MagicBand with the credit card of your choice.  If you want to use different credit cards for different members of your party you can do that as well.  You will set up a pin to go along with your MagicBand and use that to authorize your charges.  When you want to make a purchase, (for food, merchandise, etc.) simply swipe your MagicBand across the Mickey MagicBand receiver and enter your pin.  How cool!

You can also link your park passes to the MagicBand.  When you finish your stay you will receive an itemized receipt of all of your purchases.  Currently, the coolest thing about your MagicBand is the connection with My Disney Experience website and App, but more cool MagicBand features are being unveiled by Disney all the time.

MagicBands work throughout the Disney resorts and theme parks.

This was Maunda's Personalized MagicBand.  It is good for two years.

This was Maunda's Personalized MagicBand. It is good for two years.