After our recent trip to Asia, I had the opportunity to get some great travel health tips from my physician that were invaluable during our travels. I hope that what I share will be helpful for any travelers that happen to read it. 

Prior to our trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong I met with my physician, Dr. Jason Littleton ( to go over any possible medical supplies or items that I would need to deal with any and all minor health issues or sicknesses. One problem about traveling abroad, especially to another continent is that you will probably not have access to general medical attention unless you go to a hospital. Which means any smaller but, still inconvenient issues that you have may not be worthy of a trip to the hospital but, require the help of a physician to be treated. 

One way to deal with these issues is to meet with your physician to discuss where you are traveling to and ask if there are any things that you should be concerned about with your personal medical history. It is also beneficial to check the Centers for Disease Control website to get their up to date advisories concerning the countries you will be visiting (

 Your physician can help you to think about specific issues that you might face in the parts of the world that you are going to be traveling to. Certain places have drinking water that may cause diarrhea or stomach illness. When traveling to places where that is a possibility it will be necessary to have a plan for treating and dealing with the issue. For example, my doctor had me pack Imodium AD in case I had any bouts with diarrhea. He also prescribed an antibiotic that typically works for stomach issues along with an antibiotic that works for other types of sicknesses. 

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Based on my consultation he gave me a number of things to pack to make sure that I would have all the necessary basics to deal with any medical issues that might arise.

Items to Consider

  1. Antibiotics - By Prescription
  2. Antivert for motion sickness - By Prescription
  3. Pain Medicine - Tylenol (Extra Strength)
  4. Anti-Diarrheal - Imodium AD
  5. Steriod Cream - Cort-aid 1% Hydro-cortisone
  6. Vitamin C packs (1,000 mg)
  7. AFRIN - Nasal spray
  8. Allergy medication - Flonase or Claritin
  9. Steroid Pack - By Prescription
  10. Triple antibiotic cream - Neosporin
  11. Zicam

These are all items that can help you master an extended trip abroad and ensure that you are able to fully enjoy yourself without letting sickness takeaway your fun. Check with your doctor to generate a list specific for you. These are just items to consider, your personal physician can help create a list that matches your specific health needs.

One last piece of advice, give yourself some time to rest once you return. Many times after really long trips your body and immune system are worn down. So, my advice would be to get some rest for a day or so before you go back to work, otherwise you risk getting sick at home and that takes the fun out of sharing your experience!