The newest attraction to the Orlando area is the WinterClub Indoor Ski and Snowboarding facility in Winter Park. It is a great place to train and learn both snowboarding and skiing.

Winterclub is a one stop place for practice and learning to ski and snowboard. The facility has all the necessary equipment so you don't need to bring anything other than to wear pants and a long sleeve shirt. They have all sizes in both ski and snowboarding boots, various sizes or boards and skis and all the necessary sizes of helmets for use.

The experience is a little different than being on an actual ski slope because you are on an angled conveyor belt moving upward to simulate the downhill motion. The belt is made of a carpet that is sprayed down to create a low friction surface.

What is really special about the experience is they have qualified instructors that can help you learn or improve your skiing or snowboarding skills. The instructors are equipped with a remote control that allows them to stop the belt at anytime and help to correct any problems with your technique. I personally would say it was more useful than some of the lessons that I have had on actual ski slopes. Because the instructor can stop the belt at anytime you really get the instant feedback and correction to quickly help you improve. When you are on an actual slope you have to factor in the time you spend on the lift getting back up the mountain.

The facility also has a ski simulator to help with downhill training. The simulator is set up on a track and is also a great workout!

First time visitors have to enroll in the introductory session that is priced at $35 per person. After that pricing is based on what type of lesson or time you want on the slopes. Group lessons are priced at $44 per person ($39 for Children) and $59 per person  ($49 for children) for a semi private lesson. True private lessons are priced at $99 per session ($85 for children). All lessons are set for 1 hour. Winterclub also offers rental of the entire slope for $230 (Maximum of 6 participants). The sessions are set up in 10 minutes on 10 minutes off increments. This is to combat fatigue, you can quickly work up a sweat on the conveyor belt. Time on the simulator is set up at $29 per session. For additional information check out pricing on their website.

A visit to Winterclub is a fun time and truly a great place to train or learn skiing or snowboarding.

Winterclub Indoor Ski and Snowboard

2950 Aloma Ave

Winter Park, FL 32792