As I was sitting at my computer, I was reminiscing on our recent trip to London, England and Paris, France.  It was our first trip to Europe and we wanted to experience it all, but stay within our budget.  I would like to share with you a few tricks that I used to experience a lot and save some money.  First, If you haven't already subscribed to our newsletter, then you didn't receive you free copy of 40 Ways to See, Shop and Save in Orlando.  I highly recommend you take a look at it.  There are over 40 ways to save money on your upcoming vacation.  Here are a few more:  

1.  Instead of a taxi try Uber - we used Urber in London and it is also in Orlando.  Some say that Urber undercuts the taxi, but the bottom line is that it is an easy service and it is cheaper (the basic service) than taking a taxi.  Check out our blog post about the service.

2.  Look for deals on Groupon or Living Social.  Groupon has a local website for many different locations.  I looked at Groupons in Paris (I also needed google translate because my French is a little rusty).  On the United Kingdom Groupon site, there were great tours at a discounted rate.  This was also very useful to see if a tour or attraction was popular (you can see how many tickets have been sold).  My only word of advice is if you want to do it, buy it, but Groupons usually have a limit.

3.  Book online and in advance.  Perhaps you are an avid planner, like myself, so you have everything planned for your vacation.  If so, go ahead and book an excursion in advance.  Often you will get a great rate when you book it online and in advance.  In London, I decided to go to the Warwick Castle.  I booked online the night before and saved money and time instead of purchasing tickets when I arrived.  In Orlando, when you schedule your Disney vacation in advance, they will send you your personalized MagicBand before you arrive.  How cool!

4.  Talk with the locals.  One of the reasons that I love Orlando is because almost everyone is from someplace else.  Before I left for London and Paris, I met a Realtor that was from the UK and he told me all about the area, things to do and how to save money and time on attractions.

And that is exactly why we started this blog.  To help you have the ultimate Orlando vacation.  What are you waiting for?  Your Orlando vacation awaits you.