Airports can be intimidating.  There are lots of people, bags, wheel chairs and cute, but crying babies.  Your senses can get overloaded, which makes navigating a little difficult.  Our best piece of advice for getting around in any airport is get there early.  There is something about not having the stress of running through an airport to catch a plane.  Check with your airline concerning the recommended time for arrival.  If you have an international flight give yourself (and your bags) more time to get processed.
The Orlando airport (MCO) is relatively simple to navigate (Here is a link to a map of the airport There are two terminals, A and B.  Depending on what airline you are flying will determine what terminal you arrive in and depart from.  The terminals are at opposite sides of the airport.  Within each terminal are two sections of gates, 1-29 and 100 – 129 for terminal A and 30-59 and 60-99 for terminal B.  There are two TSA checkpoints covering  two sections each 1-50 and 60-129.  Please look on your boarding pass for your gate number.  If you forget, look at the screens by the gate for the flight information.  The nice TSA agents will let you know if you are standing in the wrong terminal line, it’s is infrequent, but it has happened to me.
Once you get through TSA (For TSA tips download our free guide and subscribe to our newsletter), there will be two trains to take you to your gate.  Please make sure you get on the correct train.  It is a waste of time to realize everyone on the train is traveling on a different airline.  This will cost you about five minutes (Yes, I did it before).
Once you get to your proper section, find your gate, determine how much time you have until you board.  Sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy your flight.
If you are arriving to Orlando and you need to pick up your bags listen to the announcement on the train that tells you the terminal that you can pick up your bags.  Follow the signs for the terminal exit once you get back to the airport center.  Follow the crowd and go down one level. Look for your flight number on the signs, which will tell you what baggage carousel to pick up your bag from.